3CX Phone System

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We understand that no one wants to pay for unnecessary services. That's why our Safeguard Managed Service Provider Plan lets you choose the support services you need while providing essential core managed services. Keep what you want in-house, and let us take care of the rest to enhance your productivity. …

Safeguard Complete


No one likes to pay for things they don’t need. We understand that. Our Safeguard Managed Service Provider Plan allows you to pick the support services you want us to manage, while also providing other core managed services automatically. Keep the duties you want in-house, and let us boost your productivity by taking on the …



Agapetec offers four different Managed Service Provider (MSP) plans, including Safeguard, Safeguard Remote, Safeguard Dedicated, and Safeguard Complete. For businesses that primarily rely on cloud infrastructure, the Remote MSP plan is the ideal choice. The Safeguard Remote plan provides top-tier IT support and precisely meets the needs of businesses to manage their cloud IT and …